Saturday, August 16, 2008


I came to Texas on the 14th of August to attend training at the AVSS (Academy for Venue Safety and Security). Now registration and orientation were not until today the 16th and class starts on the 17th, but I came a couple of days early to visit with a my friend James. James just got back from a year long tour in Iraq. For those of you that read this blog that knows James I would like you to know that he looks great and is in great spirits to be home. I know that his wife Suzy is estatic that he is home as she was beaming with this glow of joy and relief that his year long tour has finally come to an end. Now although he is home he has yet to reunite with all of his loved ones. His parents and his son are still in Bakersfield awaiting patiently their reunion with him. I know from spending little under two days with him that he is really looking forward to that moment that he gets to be able to pick his son up and hold him. In those two days that I was fortunate enough to spend with James and Suzy I witnessed over a dozen or so calls from their son L.J. I know that he is very much looking forward to being reunited with his Dad. Their conversations covered everthing from fantasy football to L.J.'s Tae Kwon Do training.

You know I really feel blessed to have been able to spend time with James and Suzy these last few days. I spent my birthday with them. We went to the Texas Roadhouse where I enjoyed eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor. For dinner I had a nice piece of salmon, some vegetables, and a salad. We went to dinner with some friends of theirs Kevin and Karen. Kevin and Karen were really great people. They really epitomized southern hospitality. They opened up their home to us as if we were family. In my experience though that is how military families are.

I really had a great time being able to spend time with James, Suzy, and their friends. Now it is time to get ready to go to work. This week I am going to be going to Venue Safety and Security training. If it is anything like it was last year it will be a week packed full of classes and workshops. I am really looking forward to it. I got a lot out of it last year and am hoping for the same from this years training.

Well I am out for now. Will be back soon.

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