Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rest In Peace

Mrs. Kelly Haines died early Tuesday morning at the age of 39 of unknown complications. She leaves behind her husband Bill and her two beautiful boys Spencer and Mason, her many family members, and an uncountable number of friends. If you knew Kelly you knew that she was loved and adored by all that came into contact with her. She was an unbelievable spirit and I and my family are honored to have known her. Kelly will be missed by many.

I can only pray that it was in God's plan to bring Kelly home at such an young age. Although her departure was sudden and tragic I know in my heart that she now walks side by side and hand in hand with God in the kingdom of heaven. It is in this time of transition that my prayers go to God for her husband Bill and her two wonderful boys Spencer and Mason. Although you may not have known Kelly or her family I ask that you extend your prayers to include her family and friends. It is going to take time for them to mourn and although they may never understand the why, they know that she walks with God and he will not allow them to burden the pain alone.

As I sit here and write this bulletin all I can think about are my own two boys, and I can not even imagine them having to go through what Spencer and Mason are going through. They are of the same age and I can not fathom them having to wake up and not know that their mother is the for them. It will be those days after school when they do not get to run to their mothers arms or those early weekend mornings when they want to just crawl in and snuggle up with mom that these boys will need to feel the power and strength of our prayers.

Always remember this "There are no guarantees in this life and tomorrow is never promised to us". If you have children hug them and kiss them often, do not just say you love them rather show them, and remember when they ask you to do something that "Not now maybe later" or "Wait til tomorrow" are answers that may never be fulfilled. Tomorrow may never come.

Rest In Peace Kelly Haines. You will be dearly missed by those of us that have had the fortunate pleasure of knowing you.


Lexey said...

Vic this is a beautiful blog post.

irvmarmik said...

You may have spent more than your share of time in deep water my son, but there is nothing shallow about your thoughts. A beautiful and touching memorial, Victor.